Etheric Designs

Etheric Tales/Etheric Designs is a registered Australian pre-publishing services business.
 Etheric Designs is the main artistic nook for cover art, interior art, map illustrations, character designs, etc.
A few notes:
✨ We do not use AI.
✨ Etheric 720 Designs exists for authors who wish to check out our $20-70 covers.
✨ We’re available for bookings at two weeks’ notice for custom header-breaks and for cover designs.
✨ All currently available interior illustrations and covers are here (updated weekly):…/1L39YGICYZ7XRGN2cEjOXY3J5x2y…
✨ Our first priority is your comfort (within what we can provide), so we’re flexible with payment plans but advance deposits are now mandatory.
✨ All of the interior illustrations (header-break designs) you buy or order INCLUDE COMMERCIAL COSTS as a bonus. A gift for you beautiful people. 
✨ Keep an eye out for giveaways.
✨ We’re no longer allowing just headers to be sold due to following complications. Only whole sets.
✨ You are NOT limited to positioning the design in your books the same way we do in our samples. You can rotate them with ease while formatting. 
✨ All text is changeable on the premade covers we post and the ‘Etheric Designs’ is removed upon delivery. Minor design alterations are possible too.
✨ Comment what sort of premade header-breaks you’re looking for!
✨ Heads up—I post a lot of content because I feel like each piece deserves its own appreciative post. 
✨ We have a hashtag #ethericdesignsbookcovers for authors who only wish to browse our book covers.
✨ Our second hashtag #ethericpublished is for authors to post pics of our work in print along with a link to purchase their novel.
✨ For crediting us in your published works, you can either use ‘Etheric Tales’ or ‘Etheric Designs.’ Both work!
✨ Lastly, ENJOY YOUR STAY! Etheric is here to serve you the best we can. All and any feedback is appreciated too. Thank you!

Simple photo-manipulated

For these book covers, you must be a part of the Facebook group ‘Etheric 720 Designs”.

We finally made a link for all currently available covers & interior designs too. If any design or cover interests you, feel free to email us at or PM the group admin in the Facebook group.

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